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Common (non)sensus

Common sense is not just about rational logic: it is the possibility of a public to sense something in common together, of different people to perceive something at least in a similar way. Dance, as an art of the moving, producing, and indulging bodies, sets forms and modes for the performance of shared sensing, and this is especially present in a time of branching identity narratives, mediated politics, and privatized public spaces, that is, in a world where it seems less and less possible to feel in common. And if there is common sense, what about common non-sense, common anaesthesia? And what is the attitude of the moving, productive, and indulging bodies to it?

In the reading group Common (non)sense: pre- and post-sensuality in Art and Politics we will read together theoretical texts on the sensory basis of art and politics. The meetings will consist of a close reading of the texts and joint discussions about the political space of dance, which exists between sensual forms of practice, experience, and training and the performances of the sensual and memorized body.

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